CCC 2.0 Team – Summer 2015

Using the tracks laid down by the CCC 1.0 Ambassador team, we, the CCC 2.0 Team will build off the robust results from last year’s team and pioneer new exciting research this summer!

Last year’s team explored a lot of different climate change adaptation strategies for smallholder coffee producers in Guatemala, Columbia, and Peru.  This summer, we will take into account all those strategies and really narrow them down to a handful that might be the most viable in Guatemala and Peru.  We will then conduct feasibility studies and interviews with co-op leaders, co-op members, growers, and other key stakeholders to see what resources are actually needed to implement these strategies and how feasible they are.

We are happily collaborating again with Counter Culture Coffee!  Follow our progress this summer as Sapphire and Jennifer go to Peru, while Danielle, Ariadne, and Jared go to Guatemala.


CCC 1.0 Team – Summer 2014

We, the Coffee Climate Ambassadors, are a group of six graduate students from Duke University. We are all coffee-lovers, coffee-dreamers, and coffee-drinkers.

The Coffee Climate Ambassadors have an ambitious goal: to document the ways that smallholder coffee producers are impacted by climate change. Climate change is a global issue, however, its effects are more acutely felt by those in rural areas who rely on precipitation, temperature, and cloud cover patterns to ensure a healthy crop to make a living. It is important to record and disseminate the strategies that small-scale coffee farmers are using to adapt and which of these strategies seem to be effective — especially under a variety of environmental, political and economic conditions.

In collaboration with Counter Culture Coffee, a Durham-based coffee buyer and roaster, we will be exploring this question this summer with smallholder coffee farmers and coffee industry delegates throughout Latin America. Check out our progress! Follow Martin and Mike in Colombia, Claire and Joanna in Peru, and Saira and Brenda in Guatemala.




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